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How Custom-Printed Shirts Can Boost Your Brand Visibility

Did you know that custom-printed shirts can increase your brand awareness? It’s true, and they make great promotional materials. Advertise your business in an affordable and effective strategy through digital shirt printing. Generate interest in your label through your company name or logo in everyday apparel. Find local custom print t-shirts near you at The Shirt Guy in Buffalo, New York. Create high-quality and affordable custom t-shirts through our digital shirt printing shop today. 

Benefits of Marketing Through Fashion

Digital shirt printing is an effective marketing strategy to promote your business through visual connection with your customers. Build your brand awareness through creative designs in a cost-effective manner. If you want screen printing in New York, The Shirt Guy is an excellent custom t-shirt service to start your business’s clothing line!

Walking Advertisements

Pique interest in your business through bold designs and colors. Simply wearing and selling your brand’s t-shirts generates interest in your company. T-shirts last longer than other types of ads since apparel clothing can be worn numerous times. People are more likely to buy from brands their family and friends recommend. Wearing your brand on a shirt in public incites in-person conversation naturally. Build trust around your brand by promoting in-person discussions. 

Great Conversation Starters

If you are walking around in the street and someone approaches you regarding your shirt, you will be able to describe what your company does and recommend your product or services in a natural promotion. Wearing your custom t-shirt outside of the office will expand business opportunities and create connections with consumers. Direct-to-garment printing is practical and attractive with the right design. 

Unified Brand Image

Investing in a custom business shirt helps solidify your brand in the public eye. Brands need to be unique and creative to grab attention. Create a custom logo unique to your brand that will catch attention in a unified professional image. Make sure your logo can be seen from a distance and is recognizable to people. Taglines are a great way to generate interest in your brand image.

Save Money

Marketing is an important part of running a business; every dollar counts for growing your brand’s awareness. Digital shirt printing is affordable and long-lasting. Buy custom print t-shirts in bulk for your employees to wear at events. Ensuring you have a large number of custom t-shirts available is also beneficial to give away at promotions. Ordering customized shirts for your company in bulk lowers the cost per item and increases the consumer price over time. The more attention to your design, the more revenue you will generate. T-shirts outlast other forms of advertising like broadcasts, magazines, and video ads. They are durable, visual promoters of your company. 

Employee Organization

Custom t-shirts help secure your business by establishing who works and doesn’t work at your company. If you organize a big event like a campaign or business conference, you can identify your employees and generate visual interest in your label. Employees will feel unified and responsible for the services they provide or products they sell at your company with a designed digital shirt printed for them. Employees act more professionally and perform better when they display your company logo. 

Creativity in Campaign

Custom t-shirts are a popular promotional item for giveaways. Brainstorm or hire a graphic designer to give your business an edge in custom t-shirt marketing. Consumers like t-shirts that are creative and unique. The more customers engage with your brand, the more memorable it will be to them over time. Consumers buy from brands they recognize. Strengthen your relationship with your clientele by rewarding them with free custom t-shirts. Customers appreciate companies that celebrate their purchases with free promotional items. Giving away free custom t-shirts with your brand’s label is a great way to let your customers know you are grateful for their business.

Design’s & Styles

You can utilize digital shirt printing through more than the classic t-shirt design. Choose from our wide range of designs or create your company’s custom look. Our direct-to-garment printing lets you insert your custom brand in the following styles:

  • Adult or Youth Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie
  • Adult Long-Sleeve Shirt
  • Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Ladies’ Tank Top
  • Adult Coton T-Shirt
  • Ladies’ Long Sleeve
  • Youth T-Shirt
  • Ladies Polo
  • Adult Midweight T-Shirt
  • Adult Cotton Long-Sleeve Tie-Dye Shirt
  • Men’s Cotton Tank
  • Raglan T-Shirt
  • Tank Dress

Find a look that fits everyone in your office and life. Browse our large selection of styles and designs for adults and kids to advertise your company’s brand on the product page of our website. A variety of apparel options increases the clientele’s chances of wearing your brand.

Tips for Creating Your Custom T-Shirts

Your brand should convey a simple but effective message in your business’s apparel. You don’t want your custom print t-shirt to be illegible or faded in color. When you order with The Shirt Guy, you will receive high-quality print advertisements with top-notch designs. We work with you to create professional designs that help your shirt stand out among the others.

Screen Printing & Digital Printing

At The Shirt Guys, we utilize screen printing technology to create designs. Our screen printing is a stencil method. We put a design on a screen of polyester or other material. Inserting ink into the mesh openings by a fill blade onto the printing surface. Each color is carefully applied using a different stencil to achieve the final look. Our digital printer allows us to print custom items in greater detail than traditional screen printing technology. You can choose from multiple color schemes and designs with us. Digital printing is not a heat transfer or applique, so you won’t have to worry about your design peeling over time.

Are you looking for new ways to make your company stand out from the crowd? If you look up ‘custom print t-shirts near me’ in Buffalo, New York, you’ll find our affordable, high-quality shop. Screen printing in New York has never been more affordable and accessible than with us. Digital shirt printing can improve and grow your brand awareness. Promote your business through digital shirt printing with The Shirt Guy